Solo Raam Qualifying Race

The Race across Italy started his story in 2013 with only the category Solo Raam Qualifying Race and was the only one in Italy.

Therefore our challenge was designed, and every edition we improve something,  as the best  training too  for cyclists and Crew Member that dream Race across America; but now not only for them!

If you want to become a Race across Italy finisher  in this category, you need a certain amount of preparation, not only in endurance, and a little technique with the right equipments. The rules cover all the important information on the race course and technical requirements

Valerio Zamboni in action


Solo with support car Race Rules in few points …

  1. Drafting is forbidden from the start to the finish line
  2. Follow the track is mandatory
  3. Mandatory Time Station for rider’ signature
  4. GPS tracking System(on loan) always in “on mode” for every riders
  5. Reflecting safety vest for all crew members and cyclists(at night mode)
  6. bike lights

for detailed rules


What are the minimal requirements?

  • 1 escort vehicle
  • 2 crew member (to drive and navigate the following car and coach the athlete)
  • 1 bike (it’s possibile to ride with: road standard bike, road TT bike, Recumbent, Moutain Bike and Handbike)
  • Clothes for all weather conditions
  • Food for athlete and crew
  • Two mobile phones for each team

Pre- Registration Race across Italy