RAI2020 registration

START date April 30, 2021

Keep in mind that for 2021 there are 70 slots available 

  • How do registration procedure work?

  1. You’ve to fill pre-registration form on our website
  2. Please fill carefully Sport Curriculum in the form because we evaluate carefully it and accept on RAI2020 only riders with experience in self supported ride (if you’ve not experience we suggest you to registrate in Race across Italy “Adriatico-Tirreno-Adriatico” self supported category with fixed route, bag drop service, time station with food/beverage and guarantee rescue along the track)
  3. We’ll reply within a week and in case of acceptance,  you’ll receive riders agreement document and payment info
  4. Rider’ registration will be completed when we’ll receive copy of riders agreement fill and payment receipt

  • How much does it cost? 
Payment and required documents received within
Category January 8,  2021 March 30, 2021
RAI2020 solo unsupported  € 210,00  € 260,00
RAI2020 Pair(team 2 cyclists) unsupported  € 390,00  € 430,00

Pre-registration here

  • I am racing in a pair, do we both need to register? 

No, it’s enough a registration in the form of one “team” but you’ve to inform us of  all the data for both riders


The registration procedure, with all required documents, have to completed within March 31, 2021;

we’ll not accept registration after this date due to management reasons and we’ll take out from the start list everybody(also cyclists pre-registrate in time) that will not send in time all the required documents.

The registration cost  includes :

  • RAI2020  Registration
  • GPS Tracker with visibility / tracking on the website for the duration of the event( a cash will be required . At the end of the event , when you will return the device , the deposit will be refunded )
  •  mandatory CP coordinates;
  • Race Gift;
  • Race number;
  • a Prize for the “Finisher”